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People are our most prized asset; they are the core of what makes Arabize unique … and so successful. Our staff represents a broad spectrum of people with diverse backgrounds and experience. Under the banner Arabize we combine to form a strong professional team with one common aim.

Arabize consists of six departments:

  • The Language Department – a team of translators, technical writers and reviewers.
  • The Quality Assurance Department.
  • The Projects' Technical Support Department – including engineers and technical specialists.
  • The Desktop Publishing (DTP) Department.
  • The Client Relations Department.
  • The Administration Department.

We also maintain a pool of professional freelancers to support the work of the Language and DTP departments.

To show appreciation for our staff’s continuous efforts and successes we like to arrange leisure outings on special occasions; such as holidays, birthdays, the company’s anniversary, post-project celebrations, etc. These occasions have a family atmosphere, which encourages people to get to know each other better and so engenders an even better team spirit.

Arabize both motivates and enables employees to realize and utilize their full potential in alignment with the organization's overall objectives and action plans.

With Arabize, we ensure that all the newcomers in every department will obtain a professional traning program up to 125 hours in Arabize premises conducted by experienced staff to:

  • Bridge the gap between our industry needs and the available resources competence.
  • Transfer knowledge from our senior staff to the newcomers.
We have always been committed to building and maintaining the type of working environment that provides employees with the support they need to achieve performance excellence alongside personal growth.
Arabize acquired the European standard EN15038:2006 translation certification                             Arabize Participated in Gitex Riyadh, April 2009                             Arabize Participated in Gitex Dubai, October 2009                             Arabize participated in Localization World San Francisco, October 2009                            Arabize participated in ATA 50th Annual conference New York, October 2009                            Arabize participated in TC World Wiesbaden, November 2009