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The Arabize Quality Assurance Department guarantees your products always attain the highest standards of consistency and coherency.

For more than a decade we have been committed to providing first class Localization services. Our commitment to the highest standards of quality has earned us valued and trusting partnerships with some of the world’s leading organizations.

In today’s highly demanding global environment, we understand that the highest quality of Localization must be guaranteed. Arabize’s Quality Assurance Department does just that.

Our QA Department conducts two kinds of quality assurance services:

  • Internal QA: for projects submitted internally by our Language Department.
  • External QA: for projects provided by clients requesting quality assurance on externally localized projects.

Our Language and DTP Departments work closely with the QA Department to provide maximum efficiency and value for both our clients and our organization. The QA Department’s role includes:

  • Monitoring: Our team of experts monitors quality throughout all processes and defines the corrective actions that need to be taken if quality levels deviate from Arabize's defined standards and/or the contracted requirements of the client.
    This close monitoring guarantees the highest quality of products both linguistically and culturally.
  • Polishing: After the translation and reviewing of a document it is sent to the QA Department. In this phase the QA specialist polishes the work to enhance its effectiveness and make it ‘feel’ like a primary Arabic text rather than a translation.
  • Linguistic Testing: Our QA specialists perform Software Linguistic Testing on software after localization to verify the linguistic appropriateness of the translation in the localized product. This not only ensures the quality of its functionality but also guarantees the appropriateness of the translation in the context presented to the user, i.e. menus, dialog boxes, messages, etc.

Our Quality Assurance Department has only one purpose: To maintain, develop and guarantee general quality by deploying the best qualified specialists in the localization sector.

Arabize acquired the European standard EN15038:2006 translation certification                             Arabize Participated in Gitex Riyadh, April 2009                             Arabize Participated in Gitex Dubai, October 2009                             Arabize participated in Localization World San Francisco, October 2009                            Arabize participated in ATA 50th Annual conference New York, October 2009                            Arabize participated in TC World Wiesbaden, November 2009