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About Localization

Localization involves translating websites, software, documentation, etc., into the language of a specific target audience. It is also concerned with ensuring that a product's content, style, graphics, and cultural conventions – such as currencies, dates, units of measurement, etc., – are appropriate to the country and language in which it is to be used.

In other words; Localization is the sum of translation plus customization that is required to create a different language edition of a product in order for it to work successfully in a particular locale or country.
All text needs to be displayed in the native language and native conventions must be used for sorting and formatting, etc. (For example, a word processing program may require the addition of a new spellchecker that recognizes words in the local language.)

The goal of Localization is to create a product that looks and feels as though it was created in the target country or market.

The Localization Process includes:

  • Translating the user interface software strings
  • Rearranging the UI components to preserve the original look and feel after translation
  • Resizing dialog boxes to suit the size of the translated text
  • Customizing features
  • Customizing formats (such as date/time, paper size, etc.)
  • Testing the localized edition to ensure that the program works as expected…etc.

Software Localization is not simply the translation of user interfaces or documentation. It is a difficult and sophisticated process that combines translation with engineering. Consequently our Arabic and Farsi Localization Services can be listed in two categories:

  • Translation
  • Engineering

Why it is Important to have your Product Localized?

There is a growing awareness throughout the world that Product Localization helps create customer loyalty and generates repeat visits to websites and use of software programs.

As business becomes more international, localization is becoming more and more important. It is no longer viable to produce software products for only one market, even if this market is very large. The English language is simply not enough for rapidly expanding global marketing purposes. Your products need to address a larger range of people, societies and cultures to achieve their maximum potential.

Now is the time to take Localization seriously … if you do not, your competitors certainly will!

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