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Localization Engineering involves the breaking up of a product’s development environment and restructuring it after the text has been translated. Put simply; it is all the technical stuff that must be done to software once the content of user interfaces, online help files, and HTML files has been prepared for a target audience.

Dealing with Arabic and Farsi as Right-to-Left Languages (RTLs)
Unlike English and other European languages (Left-to-Right languages – LTRs), Arabic and Farsi are written and read from right to left. To make this alteration is a major feat of software engineering that requires meticulous attention to detail, but it is one in which our skilled engineers are highly experienced and adept.

At each phase our specialists ensure that all the localized components of a product are correctly compiled. They flip the user interface for the Arabic and/or Farsi version of the product so that all the menus are displayed from right to left. When RTL text is mixed with LTR text in the same paragraph, they make sure that each type of text is written and displayed in the correct direction.

Project Phases for Localization Engineering:

  • Project Preparation: Localization Engineers prepare files for the specialists in the Translation Department.
  • Building and Compiling: When the translated files are returned the Localization Engineer begins to construct the localized product by compiling an Arabic or Farsi copy of the build environment. This involves changing various language settings and code page configurations, resizing dialog boxes and moving fields, and testing the localized versions.
  • Translation Support: This is available at all stages of the process and can be anything from explaining the concepts behind technical terms to providing assistance with translation tools.

Our Localization Engineering tools include:

  • Microsoft Helium
  • MS Help Workshop
  • Novell Red
  • Oracle Fext
  • SAP Online Translation Systems
  • Lotus Red (UI Suite)
  • SDLX
  • Tupac
  • Catalyst
  • Trados
  • Microsoft LocStudio
  • Visual Studio
  • Oracle HyperHub
  • Oracle TTT
  • SAP QA Tools
  • Lotus OTERM
  • Flexy Trans
  • Flash
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